via Guelfa 94/r - FIRENZE - Italy
A cosy and familiar place with garden and good music


The tavern ì Tozzo di pane born in 2000 from an idea of Andrea and Antonio who thought about a familiar and cosy place.

ingresso osteriaThe simplicity
Is an essential part of the tavern and we find it all over: indoor and outdoor, in the kitchen, the staff and too on the tables, all shut in a rural enviroment.

locali interni osteriaThe garden
At the back of the tavern offers a good shelter in the hot fiorentin summers a green ivy clad pergola.

The Kitchen
Crossing the rooms either in or out the chef can be seen while preparing dishes trying to match the tuscan and traditional cooking with flavours of the other regions.
Basic of cooking is exclusively extr-virgin oil and no frozen food are used.

locali esterni osteriaThe Music
Andrea and Antonio since ever (...) of music offer good music jazz and blues characteristic part of the tavern.

The tavern ì Tozzo di Pane aside sundays (all day) and mondays for lunch is open all week days for lunch and dinner.